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The First National Congress on Security and Defence is an initiative organized together with the magazine “Security & Defence” and by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (“AFCEA Portugal”), which will take place at the Conference Centre in Lisbon on the 24th and 25th of June 2010.

The President of the Portuguese Republic and Armed Forces Supreme Commander, Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva, granted his High Patronage to the organisation of this Congress. He preside the Honour Committee.

The Congress will involve different Government bodies from MAI, the Portuguese Home Office equivalent, to MoD, the Portuguese army, navy and air force, police and security forces, and also public and private companies.

Objectives of the Congress

The main objectives of the Congress are as follows:

  • Encourage reflection and the debate on the questions of national security;
  • Sensitize the citizens and the public opinion of the importance of new concepts and new perspectives on security and defence;
  • Identify contributions to the definition of the National Security Strategy.

Thematic Area

The First National Congress on Security and Defence, pertaining to the subject “For a National Security Strategy”, will include 4 main themes addressed in plenary sessions and round tables during the event:
  1. National intangible heritage;
  2. National responsibilities in Europe and  worldwide;
  3. Capacities and instruments of action;
  4. Proposals and contributions to a National Security Strategy.
To also refer, in an economic dimension and I&D subjacent to these subjects, the importance of a synergetic connection between the technological innovations, the industries connected to security and defence and the final users.
The speakers in plenary sessions are national personalities of recognized merit in the academic and scientific areas, as well as civil and military specialists in the domain of security and defence.
Two round tables will operate for each theme, where the best papers will be presented (In the call for papers launched, 124 works were received).

Keynote speakers

  • Adriano Moreira, Professor and President of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences
  • António Monteiro, Ambassador and former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Ernâni Lopes, Professor and former Minister of Finances
  • Loureiro  dos  Santos, General (PoA) and former Minister of Defence


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